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If you enjoyed dystopian novels such as Divergent, Hunger Games, and Partials then you are going to absolutely love this one. Especially if you are looking for a different point of view and want to discover how dystopian characters like President Snow see the world–and how it should be dominated.

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Discover How These 2 Anti-Heroes Destroy the World

Did you enjoy the adventures of Kvothe from the Kingkiller Chronicles, or the persiflage and ingenuity of the Gentlemen Bastards from the Lies of Locke Lamora, the philosophic ruminations and powerful, elegant language of R. Scott Bakker’s fantasy books, or Brent Weeks’s fantasy books with assassins?

Then follow these 2 antiheroes across the world as they wreak havoc, kill heroes, defile altars, and steal sacred books (so they can cause even more mayhem).

Here are just a few of the crimes Scammander and Evander are wanted for:

  • Stealing sacrosanct garments of famous heroes
  • Teaching outlawed versions of magic
  • Assassinating Judges
  • Assassinating prestigious mages
  • Stealing rare books & rare manuscripts
  • Kidnapping celebrities and holding them for ransom
  • Thinking for themselves
  • Usurping commonly held opinions that pass for facts.

And they’re only going to commit more.


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