8 Game of Thrones Mugs & Cups for Coffee

Looking for the best Game of Thrones mug? I’ve rounded up the most popular and top reviewed ones to ensure your drinking experience is perfect--whether you are drinking coffee or downing cool spirits in your favorite dining hall. Any of these will make great game of thrones gifts, and no matter which one you end

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22 Best Messenger Bags for Men

For those short on time, here are the 22 best messenger bags for men: FRYE Men’s Logan Antique Bag Ted Baker Flame Bag Will Leather Kent Messenger Bag FRYE Men’s Logan Top Handle Fossil Mayfair Leather Double Zip Work Messenger Bag FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger Bag Ted Baker Raised Leather Messenger Ted Baker Carbon Bag

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12 Best Adult Coloring Books

If you feel like you've been spending too much time in front of a screen and are desperate for new ways to relax and maybe even get back in touch with that creative, inner-child that seems to have gone missing then you are going to love adult coloring books. These are so cheap and provide

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30 Best Comfortable Reading Chairs

If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s lounging in a comfortable reading chair. Enduring hours and hours of reading in grad school made me an astute student of chairs to relax in while I read my favorite works of fiction or philosophy. Today I am here to pass that knowledge on to you.

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Harry Potter Coloring Books for Adults

These Harry Potter coloring books are so enjoyable for their ability to whisk you away to the magic of your childhood and sure to make excellent gifts for Harry Potter fans. Harry Potter Coloring Book Get the Official Harry Potter Coloring Book   Relive your favorite scenes from Hogwarts and relieve the pesky day-to-day

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15 Best Decorative Bookends to Liven Up Your Shelf or Desk

If your collection of literature is spilling over your bedside table, scattered across the floor and your favorite reading chair, then it’s time to invest in a good set of bookends. The more decorative the better. Or, if you know someone who could use them, any of these would serve as gifts for book lovers.

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22 Unicorn Gifts Anyone Will Completely Love

Unicorn gifts are great for any celebration, whether it's the holidays or someone's birthday or anniversary because of the exotic magic they are suffused with. So, whether your favorite unicorn lover is looking for coffee mugs, shirts, or even a giant inflatable raft I've got you covered with some truly magical presents. Unicorn Night Light

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10 Funny Novelty Slippers to Wear Around the House

Slippers don’t have to be boring. In fact all the comfy ones here are both plush enough to keep your feet warm and funny enough to get a few laughs from anyone who sees you wearing them. Best of all, they can easily be worn by men or women regardless of age. These novelty slippers

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8 Harry Potter Coffee Mugs for a Magical Morning

Harry Potter coffee mugs are great for adding that extra bit of sorcery to your morning routine. These mugs make excellent office coffee cups or the perfect enchanting pot for your elixir to help your swiftly through that next paper or philosophical conundrum.   Marauder’s Map Heat Transforming Mug Get the Harry Potter Marauder's Map

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27 Gifts for Book Lovers that Readers Actually Want

Struggling to find gifts for readers this year? I think it’s safe to say visitors of this blog love to read some books and probably know a feel people who enjoy bookish pursuits as well. So whether you are shopping for your very special reader for their birthday or the holidays (like Valentine's day or

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