29 Best Fantasy Books

Fantasy is an established genre with a lot of amazing voices telling enthralling and thrilling tales comprised of swashbuckling, mischievous, and amazing characters. Some of these top rated fantasy tomes are classics that helped establish the genre itself while many are from brave new voices writing in what is undoubtedly a new golden age of

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18 Best Science Fiction Books

Many of these books are decorated with Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick awards for outstanding science fiction. Some of these are recognizable and indelible sci-fi classics that you certainly know (but maybe need the extra nudge to go ahead and read) while others are hopefully some surprising books that just missed your deep space

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13 Books like Ready Player One

Ready Player One was filled with so much to like. Video game, movie, and television lore, clever and studious footnotes, a crumbling "real world" and a vivid, exhilaratingly alive "virtual world," all wrapped up in slick modern prose. How were we readers ever supposed to deal with just one book? Where are the expansions? All

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Gifts for College Grads

Graduating from college is one of the most important milestones in any young adult’s life. It marks that special moment of entering into the vast exhilarating world of adulthood and leaving the idyllic fields of childhood behind. Having spent a fair amount of time in college and grad school as well as the real world

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Best Bean Bag Chairs 2019

Bean bag chairs are great for relaxing with a book, your favorite movie or tv show, or a nice afternoon nap. Whether you want to put it in your bedroom, living room, or your college dorm room it will always add a nice spot for you or a friend just chill in. Bean bag chairs

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Best Coffee Tables

Along with a great couch the coffee table is one of the most important pieces of living room furniture that you will ever buy. Not only is it a function piece where you can store your favorite books, magazines, and rest your beverage of choice while watching excellent tv shows, but it is also a

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9 Best Wool Blankets

You know what goes perfect with reading, coffee, and coziness? Grey skies, winter, and of course cozy wool blankets. As someone fond of spending time indoors doing all of the above I took the time to sit down and snuggle up to discover the best wool blankets for winter.   Faribault Wool Throw Blanket See

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13 Best Throw Blankets

Nothing creates a warm, cozy, and relaxing vibe like a throw blanket. These blankets are typically smaller and perfect for draping over your bed, sofa, or wrapping up with in your favorite reading chair. Before picking which throw you will ultimately decide to drape yourself in for winter during those great Netflix marathons or when

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Best Slippers for Men

Looking for the best slippers for men? Here are a few questions to consider before you pick the best comfy slipper this winter. Do you need slippers primarily for indoors or outdoors, or do you want a versatile pair that you can even wear down the street to your favorite coffee shop? Do you want

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32 Gifts for Geeks

If you are looking for geek gifts that are going to be the perfect present you’ve come to the right place. Whether your favorite geek is into Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, video games, board games, ironic clothing, funny coffee mugs, the latest tech gadgets or, let’s be honest here, all

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