Chunky Knit Blankets to Get Comfy In

The first time I ever laid eyes on a chunky knit blanket it felt like love at first sight. Finally someone made a gigantic comfy blanket perfect for keeping warm on cold winter days and also creating that perfect cozy vibe we all love. It is no surprise that these blankets are part of the

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Get Right Now

I was always shopping for last minute Christmas gifts. And this always caused me immense amounts of stress. However, with the advent of overnight shipping you can still get all sorts of the best gifts in little or no time. And of course doing at least a little bit of research about the people you

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Best Gifts for Men

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband there's really only 3 things you need to keep in mind: deep down every guy wants to smell good, look great, and be well-read. From creating the perfect man cave to ensuring that he gets the most out of his

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19 Cozy Gifts for Homebodies

These cozy gifts will be a delightful surprise for homebodies like me who love to stay indoors (especially during the autumn and the darker, cloudier months that accompany winter). There’s no doubt about it: when the heavy grey clouds and the winter winds, rain, and snow start to settle in, I'm always looking for my

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33 Best Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

If it's nearing Christmas there is one thing on everyone's mind: what is the best gift to get? While everyone’s “big item” will be a little different, there are some quintessential Christmas gifts that most people will be utterly grateful for and completely blown away when they see it under the tree. So here are

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Best Artificial Christmas Trees

If it’s getting close to Christmas getting the perfect tree is top of mind. Artificial Christmas trees have made significant advances in recent years regarding their apparent realness and as a result they have become hugely popular. You can even add special scents on them to bring out that magical Christmas tree smell. But how

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Gifts for Writers

If you know a writer and are trying to find a great gift, initially this might seem like a really difficult person to shop for. However, there are a core set of very practical problems they can use your help with and will be eternally thankful for. You might even wind up in their next

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Best Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for ways to capture that classic log cabin or ski lodge feel and comforting warmth without all the effort of chopping wood, cleaning up the ashes, and embarking on the risky endeavor of starting a fire, then the electric fireplace is an excellent place to start. But since there are so

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Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

As someone who is always cold ❄️despite my best efforts to keep warm, I've spent a lot of time trying to find things to help. Personally, it’s my hands and feet that are forever frozen (even when I'm inside). To that end, I’ve gathered a set of gifts for people who are always cold!  

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23 Best Philosophy Books

Philosophers seem to have a prodigious output. One masterpiece follows upon another. And in order to understand one you usually have to read all of the others that came before it. So you can imagine the difficulty of winnowing down the list to the absolute best books in the genre. I’ve settled on including the

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