21 Best Sci Fi Audiobooks to Listen to Now

Audiobooks have surged in popularity which is no surprise as so many great books are published each year and everyone is increasingly mobile and busy. They are absolute game changers when it comes to making your dreaded commute or those pesky household chores a more enriching experience and I think it’s doubly true when you

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10 Secretary Desks

The beauty of a secretary desk is that it offers a great amount of storage while also not taking up too much space, even while it is being used. Most of these desks have an antique look and appeal, and easily fit into any living room or small space. Full of hidden cubbies, drop down

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11 Narrow Bookcases

The narrow bookcase is something near and dear to my heart, having owned a few of them over the course of my years while living in apartments. Just when you think you’ve done everything possible to save space, think again. And if you are wondering just what type of furniture you can use to fit

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Audible Free Trial: Start Now and Get 2 FREE Audiobooks

If you are looking to get into audiobooks, but not sure where to start, the Audible Free Trial is a perfect way to test the waters. It offers a vast catalog of titles and podcasts and the 30 day trial is risk free (meaning you can cancel at anytime and you still get to keep

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10 Luxury Pens

A pen is a statement. These luxury pens make a statement whether you are holding them in your hand or if they are sitting on your desk. Many of the ones I have found are only released in limited quantities and most of the pens are quite expensive. Thus you can be sure that you

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11 Best Notebooks

Notebooks are near and dear to my heart as a writer--they are also the secret to keeping track of your important thoughts and ideas and unleashing your creativity, or just staying organized in a world where there is already too much information, too much to do, and not enough time to do it. Notebooks come

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Best Fountain Pens

The fountain pen was invented in 1884 by Lewis Waterman and became immediately essential to everyone’s life, being used to take notes as well as sign important documents of all sorts. Today these pens are obviously very sophisticated and can be a statement piece for any desk, but they are also wonderful for writing. Instead

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Best Desk Fans

When its summer and you are working at your desk, the last thing you want to worry about is sweat dripping from your forehead. There are also those times when you just want to relax in your favorite room and enjoy a cool, silent, and refreshing breeze. Often, turning on something like a desk fan

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11 Best Star Wars Books

When it comes to Star Wars books, picking the best isn’t easy let alone navigating the immense franchise itself. There is the Canon and then there is the non-canon or what is known as the Expanded Universe which then became Legends after Disney took over the franchise. I’ve taken the best Star Wars books from

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