One of the most interesting things about fantasy novels is the books that the characters within them read.  I think it also provides an interesting glimpse into the mind of fantasy authors, as this is an easy place to slip in a respectful allusion to another writer the author admired.

7 Intriguing Books within Fantasy Books I Wish I Could Read


This might be the most interesting book residing inside any fantasy book you have ever read.  Why?  Because it contains the ultimate plans for the entire universe.

Would be a pretty good read.

Disks of Mishakal

So while not technically a book, these are nevertheless platinum plates with the sacred rites of a beneficent goddess etched upon them.

Sonnets of a Sorcerer

This tome from the wonderful fantasy series Harry Potter, is a book that once read, forces the reader to speak in limericks.  Forever.

Bonus: There are two books mentioned in Harry Potter which can be found in Borgin and Burkes (I think): one is a book that once the person opens, they cannot stop reading.  (As a fantasy author, I’m really interested in any mage who might be able to duplicate this spell.)

fantasy book author gilderoy lockhart

More readers, did you say?

A second book was one that actually burned the eyes of the reader!

The Harry Potter fantasy series is filled with books that I wish I could read.  Excluding all the interesting spellbooks, I wouldn’t mind reading Gilderoy Lockhart’s books (composed of the pilfered memories from other sorcerers):

  • Gadding with Ghouls
  • Break with a Banshee
  • Holidays with Hags
  • Travels with Trolls
  • Voyages with Vampires
  • Wanderings with Werewolves
  • Year with the Yeti


There and Back Again, A Hobbits Holiday

An aptly “meta” entry. This book within a fantasy book is Biblo’s memoirs, and is also the preferred title of J. R. R. Tolkien’s work, The Hobbit.

Red Book of Westmarch

The Red Book of Westmarch is a collection of works from the characters in the Lord of the Rings.  It is named for its red cover and the location where it was stored, Westmarch.  These books are passed from Frodo to Samwise, and from Samwise Gamgee to his eldest daughter, Elanor Fairbairn.

Herblore of the Shire

Written by none other than Merry Brandybuck, this contains useful information about pipe-weed.  In this work, he examines the origins and history of the art of smoking, following it all the way from Tobold Hornblower.

Books of Creation

This entry comes from The Promise of the Witch King, by R. A. Salvatore. We are told of a magical book from a dead Witch King named Zhengyi which, when opened, would create an enchanted fortress and in the process suck the life out of the wizard who activated it.

So perhaps this wouldn’t be the best one to read, unless you have been able to strike a deal with a lich lord.

Bonus! Magic Quills

Not only have I given you a list of the the most interesting books within fantasy novels, but now I’m going to add in the instruments that make them possible: magical quills!

The Harry Potter fantasy series leads the way with these magical items: there is the Anti-cheating quill which is self-explanatory,  and the equally self-explanatory Auto-answer quill.

Blood Quill

This quill cuts into the back of the writer’s hand, using his or her own blood for the ink.

Quick Quotes Quill

This quill, in addition to helping the writer write much faster, also adds a more dramatic flare to.  It is acid green in color.  It is most famously used by Rita Skeeter.

Do You Know of Other Interesting Books?

Let me know if you have any favorite tomes of interest locked away in these imaginary worlds!