Veronica Roth has written some of the most wildly popular young adult dystopian novels in recent memory and is of course famously known for the Divergent trilogy of books (which were also turned into blockbuster movies).

In the wake of the series, Roth left fans desperately seeking books like Divergent but has recently returned with another incredible tale of youthful strife and love.

Carve the Mark

carve the mark by veronica roth

[box type=”note” size=”large” border=”full”]The newest entry of Veronica Roth books of course is the very anticipated Carve the Mark which is currently available to pre-order and is set to be published on 1/17/17.[/box]

Veronica Roth Books In Order

While her early work was composed and completed while she was still in school studying creative writing at Northwestern, the fresh, exhilarating, and yet ultimately sombre stories captured young adult readers all over the U. S. Check these books just to make sure you haven’t missed out on any along the way!


divergent by veronica roth

Go Read Divergent Now!

Divergent introduced the world to Beatrice Prior who lives in a dystopian Chicago.

Unlike our world, Tris lives in a society divided into five factions, each of which are dedicated to pursuing and embodying a particular virtue:

  • Candor
  • Abnegation
  • Dauntless
  • Amity
  • Erudite

Every year all children who are age 16 must select the faction that they are going to devote the rest of their lives to. Since Beatrice has grown up in Abnegation, her parents expect her to continue the tradition.

But as Beatrice soon finds out, there is nothing traditional about her and she makes a heart-breaking and thrilling decision when she decides to join a different faction.




Start Reading Insurgent Now

War looms in a post-apocalyptic Chicago as the factions and their differing beliefs grow wider and wider.

The hugely anticipated second book in the young adult dystopian Divergent series provides Veronica Roth fans with an intoxicating and complicated love affair, thrilling action, and surprising plot twists that will keep you guessing until the closing pages of the novel.



allegiant veronica roth

Go Read Allegiant

Veronica Roth makes an exciting narrative pivot and we are allowed to accompany Four’s perspective on events throughout Allegiant.

The intense love affair between Tris and Tobias somehow only gets more passionate which makes the incredible ending to this book one that you will never forget.


Four: A Divergent Collection


Four: A Divergent Collection is a grouping of novellas that tell the story of Tobias Eaton before he met Tris. This collection was written by Roth after she completed the main story of the Divergent series.

It consists of the following four stories:

  • The Transfer
  • The Initiate
  • The Son
  • The Traitor