Looking for Harry Potter wands are we?

A wand of course chooses you as much as you choose it.

So, not only have I gathered up wands to suite you whether you are joining the Order of the Phoenix or aspiring to serve the Dark Lord, but I’ve also used my considerable talents as a sorcerer to divine what they are made of and spell out some deliciously mischievous uses.


Harry Potter Wand

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What is Harry Potter’s Wand Made Out Of?

If you managed to snag the real Harry Potter wand, you would find it is made of holly and has a phoenix feather at its core.

Already have one? Get another for your companion or truly surprise your favorite witch or wizard with one of these Harry Potter gifts.

This wand is best used for:

Defeating dark lords and death eaters as well 100%
Disarming Draco Malfoy 90%
Making your desk look prestigious and dignified 79%
Saving the world, magic, and London especially 100%

Terrible for:

Cleaning and household chores


Dumbledore’s Wand

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This essential wizarding accessory has been an accomplice to some pretty morbid deeds until it arrived in the learned fingers of Albus Dumbledore.

Composed of Elderwood with a Thestral tail hair core. Students of wand lore won’t miss the etched elderberries which reveal how truly powerful this wand is.

Great for:

Siphoning memories 50%
Creating Gubraithian Fire 69%
Slaughtering foes in epic wizarding duels 100%

Terrible for:

Not getting killed by Snape

Hermione’s Wand

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Wrapped in vines and leaves, this wonderful wand is made of vinewood with a dragon heartstring core.

A treasure for all muggles, it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular Harry Potter wands.

Good for:

Saving Ron Weasley 100%
Saving Harry Potter 100%


Professor Snape’s Wand

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If out of all the Harry Potter wands this is the one you are seeking, then I hope it serves your conflicted, dark heart well.

Good for:

Killing charming headmasters of prestigious wizarding schools 100%

Terrible for:

Winning the love of your life.


Voldemort’s Wand

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This wand is likely best used for, well, endeavors of pure evil.


Death Eater’s Wand


I’m just going to come right out and admit it: of all the Harry Potter wands, this is my favorite.

Best used for:

Attacking Hogwarts students 100%
Deflecting pesky spells from the likes of Harry Potter and his friends 50%

Terrible for:



Ron Weasley’s Wand


Perfect for the wizard who has difficulty well, being a wizard. Regardless of whether you are wielding one of Harry Potter’s wands or someotherwitch’s you always want to be sure you nail the pronunciation. This is doubly true if you are using this stick!

Good for:


Got Your Favorite Wand from Ollivander’s Now?

I hope yours brings as much mischief as you can manage, and maybe even a little more!