If you are looking to get into audiobooks, but not sure where to start, the Audible Free Trial is a perfect way to test the waters. It offers a vast catalog of titles and podcasts and the 30 day trial is risk free (meaning you can cancel at anytime and you still get to keep your audiobooks!). This is definitely something worth exploring to make your commute WAY more enjoyable and enlightening or even just making your household chores a little bit more fun.


What You Get with an Audible Free Trial

By starting the free trial you get any 2 audiobooks you want for free! The first month is also completely free. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Do You Get to Keep the Free Audio Books?

Of course! At the end of your free trial if you don’t want to keep the subscription, you will get to keep the books. Even if you cancel before the trial is finished you will still be able to hold onto your free books.


What Happens After the Free Trial of Audible?

After the trial ends you pay $14.95 a month which gets you 3 titles:

  • 1 audiobook every month
  • 2 Audible Originals every month

Considering that the average cost of any audiobook is about $20-$25 and some newer popular releases will run you $35, that is a pretty good deal.


Where can I Listen to Audible Books?

With an audible subscription, you can enjoy titles on Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Android, Sonos, Kindle, and Alexa-enabled devices. So basically on any device and everywhere.

👉Start Your Free Trial and Pick Your 2 Audiobooks today!