The Cozy Scholar is the destination for people interested in living comfortably and celebrates reading, relaxing, and exploring a rich interior life.

At The Cozy Scholar we know these things to be sacrosanct:

  1. Blankets
  2. Coffee
  3. Books
  4. Evening
  5. Autumn
  6. Slippers
  7. Comfy Socks
  8. Sleeping In
  9. Belgian Waffles
  10. Yawns
  11. Cardigans
  12. Sweatshirts
  13. Candlelight

Inspired to create an inviting and opulent boredom, the Cozy Scholar started chronicling all of the best Fall things and cozy home ideas to share with fellow indoors enthusiasts. You can read reviews of cozy essentials like slippers, couches, reading chairs, lamps and a host of other things that will help you create a comfy home and a warm, bookish lifestyle.

An essential part of that warm lifestyle is giving – which, as it turns out, is incredibly hard. Seriously, everyone always seem to be struggling to find the perfect gifts whether it’s for your geeky accomplices, a birthday, for picky writer friends, or during Christmas time when it counts the most. That’s why we created a whole section dedicated to discovering the best gifts for many different occasions.

So whatever you are doing, we hope you hit pause, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy a casual stroll through our manse!

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