I have three great loves:





❤️Postmoderny deconstructionisms

My Love of Writing 🤔📚

This is also a love of thinking and reading.

In fact, you and I probably have at least one thing in common:

We have read a lot of books.

Which, I suppose, means we have at least two or three hundred things in common.

We’ve both read the Lord of the Rings, the Dragonlance Chronicles, The Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, The Name of the Wind, The Blade Itself, and probably the Hunger Games, definitely Ender’s Game, Divergent (and all the books like Divergent), and hopefully Red Rising.

So we both know a lot about literary tropes, anti-heroes, fast plots, slow, meditative and richly textured yarns, and have an appreciation for ambiguity, unreliable narrators, and lyricism.

All this is to say, we are probably quite geeky.

My Love of Geekdom 👾

Like you I am wonderfully immersed in geek culture all the way from Doctor Who, Stranger Things, The 100, to the marvelous Marvel Universe.

I remember the 80s and 90s vividly and all the iconic stuff like Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nerf Guns, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, the Princess Bride, and of course Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

Oh yea and Rick and Morty and the Mooninites.

The Mooninites are the best thing ever. Maybe even better than Unicorns. Just maybe.

Because geekiness has become so vast and nearly everyone I know now has some loyalty to one geeky thing or another I started rounding up all the stuff associated with them because I am terrible at giving gifts. Seriously, I always seem to be struggling to find the perfect ones for all my geeky accomplices, especially during Christmas time when it counts the most.

Thus I spend a lot of time finding the best gifts and then creating the perfect lists for all my nerdy friends.

My Love of Autumn 🍂

More than anything, I love the Fall and all the cozy things that go along with that special time of year.


Because it encourages me to indulge in my favorite vices: staying inside and reading in my favorite place—the bed!

And drink lots and lots of coffee. And write. Or just binge Netflix and my favorite movies.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that there are tons of things made to help you have the perfect reading experience and to stay absolutely warm and comfy during the fall and winter seasons. This even includes things you might not think of, like a perfect couch for reading or the best blanket for winter.

If any sect of civilization knows how to create and enjoy an opulent boredom, it is writers.

Thus I’ve started chronicling all the best fall things and cozy home ideas for all of us so you don’t have to. I’ve actually clicked through 70+ pages of Amazon “Also Boughts” on an individual product, read way too many reviews, and purchased and returned way too many products.

Hercules was given Twelve Labors from the Temple at Delphi, and the priests and priestesses of Autumn have given me the labors of love.

You can read my reviews of things like slippers, couches, reading chairs, lamps, and a host of other things that add up to a comfy home and a warm, rewarding bookish lifestyle.