With all the hype about Rogue One and last year’s release of The Force Awakens Star Wars fans have a lot to relish these days.

And that includes a host of incredibly fun board games.

Here are the best 6 so you can relive all the iconic moments of each major film with these Star Wars board games and create a few memorable battles among you and your fellow friends (and rebel scum) as well.


Star Wars Armada


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If your most enjoyable moments in the Star Wars movies were the gigantic and intense space battles then Star Wars Armada is the game you have been waiting for.

Embrace your inner Grand Moff Tarkin or Admiral Ackbar as you fire huge banks of turbolasers at incoming X-Wings or scramble more Y-Wings to hold off those pesky TIE fighters while your engineers repair damage to your vital shield defenses.

But be careful! Armada’s brilliance is in its realistic movement scheme which prevents huge ships like Death Stars from just jumping from hot zone to hot zone.

Price: $63.61


Star Wars Rebellion



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Another great board game centered in the Star Wars universe, Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games is a sweeping game full of strategy and wild surprises.

When it comes to the vastness of the Star Wars universe and all the multitude of actions that can unfold across the plants and stars within that universe, Star Wars Rebellion nails it.

Want to destroy a planet with the Death Star? You can do it. Want to destroy multiple plants with the Death Star? You can do it. But beware that you might be encouraging other plants in nearby star systems to join the Rebel Alliance for fear of suffering the same fate.

All the greats are available to help you either tighten your grip on the Galaxy as a leader of the Empire’s forces or give hope as a leader in the Rebel Alliance.

Players will relish moments when Star Wars icons such as Grand Moff Tarkin, Princess Leia, Mon Mothma, Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian, and Palpatine wade into the action and turn the game on its head.


Price: $69.95


Star Wars: Imperial Assault


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Whether you enjoy killing rebel scum or slicing storm troopers in half with your light saber, Star Wars Imperial Assault will provide frenetic, adrenaline-fueled sessions for you and your circle of geeks.

Of all the board games listed here, Imperial Assault is the easiest to pick up and play and, I think, the by far the best out of the bunch. It’s no wonder then that this topped most fan lists of Star Wars gifts

The tabletop from Fantasy Flight Games supports 2-5 players, but is best when 5 players are throwing down on the board.

One player will get to be the Empire and get to channel their inner Grand Moff Tarkin to send countless Storm Troopers to their predictable deaths before of course leveling up in later missions to sending Vader out into a host of Rebel Alliance soldiers and their saber-wielding Jedi.

Other players will get the chance to choose 4 different heroes in this riveting tabletop game

As missions progress, so do the powers of players and their soldiers. Rebels can suddenly peer around corners, fire, and duck back into cover all in one move.

Price: $78.64


Star Wars: X-Wing


For everyone who ever wanted to dash through space, taking down TIE fighters, buzzing the Galactic Empire’s Star Destroyers, or shooting ion cannons into the Death Star’s power generators comes the tactical board game, Star Wars: X-Wing.

Players take the role of a squad leader either for the ruthless Empire or the hopeful Rebels. Then you can choose to engage in a head-to-head skirmish where the victor is the person with one ship remaining, follow a thrilling narrative mission, or re-create one of the iconic battles from the movies.

Fights in X-Wing take on a life of their own as hits to your ships can cause injury to pilots, damage targeting computers, or a weapons malfunction might stymie your attack altogether.

Price: $23.72


Risk: Star Wars Edition



Get the Risk: Star Wars Edition

The Star Wars spin on risk will entertain you and up to 4 of your friends whether you enjoy gunning down X-Wing squad leaders from TIE fighters or slaying Sith Lords as a Jedi.

Players battle across three different scenarios on a board ingeniously designed to look like a TIE fighter. The conflicts will be quite familiar to all those fans of Return of the Jedi: the brave attack on the Death Star, the wild saber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and the assault on the shields of the Empire’s planet destroying powerhouse.

Price: $23.97


Star Wars Clue


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When you drop Clue into the Star Wars universe, you get a pretty crazy game. For starters, you and your friends won’t be snooping around the usual haunts for clues, you will be in the moon sized Death Star.

Although that really shouldn’t stop you from at least one joke along the lines of Luke, in the Trash Compactor, with a light saber.

Anyways, players can elect to be Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, C3P0, or R2-D2 as they try to unravel who Vader is going to kill next (or what planet he is going to utterly destroy), steal the plans to the Death Star, and then escape.

Price: $24.99


Go Forth and Get Your Star Wars Tabletop Games


Now that you know you can bring all the excitement of a galaxy far, far away straight into your home, commanding Jedi and squads of X-wings or a juggernaut Star Destroyer and a fleet of TIE fighters are just a dice throw away.