I think it’s safe to say visitors of this blog love to read some books and probably know a feel people who enjoy bookish pursuits as well.

So whether you are shopping for your very special reader for their birthday or the holidays (like Valentine’s day!) or yourself, I’ve found some great gifts for book lovers like lamps, bookends, kindle covers, coffee cups (of course) and even some coffee makers as well.


Dimmable Bedside Reading Lamp

Get the Dimmable Bedside Table Lamp


This gift is for the modern reader of sci-fi and dystopian fiction. No doubt your favorite reader will bask in the soft luminescence of this wonderful table lamp while racing through a wild plot deep into the night.


No Fox Given Coffee Mug

Get the No Fox Given Coffee Mug


Without a doubt, this is my favorite literary coffee mug.


Novel Teas

Get Novel Teas


As book lovers, we enjoy a fine beverage to go with our adventures. All the better if they are inspired literary beverages, which is exactly what Novel Teas is. Each of these 25 tea bags contains literary quips or bookish phrases sure to delight any bibliophile.


The END Bookend

Get THE END Bookend


A must have bookend for your good humored book lover.


Keurig K55 Single Coffee Maker

Get the Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker


Sometimes you just need a quick cup of coffee so you can get back to delicious sentences and the rich blend of emotions and surprise that each page of a new novel promises. Or your just need a quick hit of your favorite coffee blend to wake you up in the morning when you stayed up too late reading…so you can get back to reading of course. And that is when you need the Keurig single cup coffee maker!


Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker

Get the Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker


This will make 4 servings of cold brew coffee for those warmer days. A perfect gift for any bookworm who is going to be relaxing and reading on the front porch of their beach house.


KRUPS Electric Coffee Blade Grinder

Get the KRUPS Electric Coffee Grinder


Most devout lovers of the written word are going to enjoy fine spirits such as coffee, wine, or tea (or also very likely all of them). For the book lovers who enjoy coffee, they will probably be savvy enough to buy whole beans but perhaps not practical enough to buy a coffee grinder. This is where your gift saves the day.

Upon tearing off the wrapping and opening their present to see this electric coffee grinder those refined spirits will now be jubilant and probably love you more if you were wise enough to also buy them a savory bag of whole been coffee.

SterlingPro French Press

Get the French Press Coffee Maker


Give the gift of endless smooth coffee to your favorite bibliophile. This French Press will create 8 cups of delicious black coffee so your book lover can flip through the pages long into the night and early into the following morning.


Composition Notebook Kindle Case

Get the Popular Kindle Cover


There’s always room in the budget for another witty and stylish kindle cover as well as a new kindle. This popular one looks just like a composition notebook that used to store all sorts of book notes and missives—literary and otherwise.


Jane Austin Soy Wax Candle

Get the Jane Austen Soy Wax Candle



Edgar Allen Poe Socks

Get the Edgar Allen Poe Socks


If I ever saw anyone in these socks I’d stay very far away from them because while I would immediately recognize a literary genius, I’d also be keenly aware of how utterly insane of a Poe enthusiast they would have to be to ware these in public.


Tecquila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Get Tequila Mocking Bird: Literary Cocktails with a Twist


Ask a reader what books really do and the astute among them will advise you that literature refines ones aesthetic sensibilities. It follows then that any serious student of the written word will be a sophisticated drinker as well.

These literary inspired cocktails will go perfect with any bookish gathering, from a party to bookclub.


Shakespeare Mug Love Quotes

Get the Shakespeare Love Quotes Coffee Mug

Literary mugs for coffee or tea make wonderful gifts for book lovers. This one would be especially delightful present to your favorite bookworm for Valentine’s day.


Shakespeare Mug Insults


Get the Shakespearean Insults Mug Thou Canker Blossom


Enjoy your favorite play, poem, or work of fiction while sipping from this mug, gilded with the greatest insults from the mouth of the Bard.

Jane Austin Quotes Coffee Mug

Get the Jane Austen Mug


Never be far from the crisp, scintillating prose of Jane Austin and your favorite warm beverage. If you are giving this as a gift I’d recommend going ahead and just getting one for yourself as well.


Edgar Allen Poe Mug

Get the Edgar Allen Poe Coffee Mug


An excellent present for readers who dabble in the darker shades of literature, this diabolically colored Edgar Allen Poe coffee mug is sure to grip them as much as the grave thoughts they read.


Freudian Sips Mug

Get the Freudian Sips Coffee Mug


Everyone loves a good play on words, and the Freudian Sips coffee mug will bring a sly smile to your face every time you go to enjoy a sip of your favorite beverage.


Minimalist Solid Wood Bedside Table Reading Lamp


Get the Wooden Bedside Lamp


Let’s get this right off the bat.

In addition to a good book, an excellent cup of warm tea or a strong, ruminatory coffee, perhaps some rain or at least a few clouds, readers love a good lamp.


Elegant Table Lamp

Get the Elegant White Table Lamp


The more your book lover enjoys elegant Victorian prose or the elaborate sentences of modernism the more they will relish this reading lamp, which no doubt they will place on their favorite bedside table.


LED Book-Shaped Nightlight

Get the LED Book Night Light


You know what’s cool? Reading a book…by a book shaped lamp. When you’re done you can simply close it and quietly sink into tender or passionate literary dreams.


Dead Fred Pen Holder

Get the Dead Fred Pen Holder


What is a devout reader of books supposed to do with their pen when they are done adding copious marginalia to their current favorite volume?

Now thanks to the Dead Fred Pen Holder we can more easily keep track of our pens!


Book Boxes with Floral Decoration

Get the Leather Book Box Set


Sure any serious reader has plenty of real books with well-thumbed, yellowed pages, hefty underlining, and marginalia in all colors of ink. But sometimes having even more books just for decoration purposes gives a room that extra warm and comfy feeling it was missing.


Arthurian Knight Bookends

Get the Arthurian Knight Bookends


The perfect set of bookends for anyone who reads books like Harry Potter, or great fantasy books year after year.


Green Dragon Bookends

Get the Dragon Head Bookends


Another excellent gift for readers of epic fantasy, these dragons will ensure all books are protected safe and sound by their fierce stares and fiery maws.


Whiskey & Tobacco Candle from Northern Lights

Get the Whiskey & Tobacco Candle


Does your favorite bookworm want to make a cherished reading room smell like a distinct library for the elite? Now they can add a distinguished aroma to their favorite bookish chambers.


Amber & Smoke Soy Candle

Get the Amber & Smoke Soy Candle


Another scent book lovers will certainly enjoy, this Amber and Smoke soy candle from Paddywax not only fills your nostrils with delightfully bookish odors but you end up with an apothecary bottle as well. Also of interest will be Vetiver and Cardamom or Orange Zest and Bergamot.


Pink Himalayan Crystal Lamp

Get the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp


Read in bohemian splendor with this pink Himalayan natural crystal lamp.