Whether you’ve read so many of the weighty tomes of fantasy that you are practically an Archimago, or are new to the genre and looking for a new novel to read, I highly recommend that you consider reading the Splatterism epic fantasy novels, or at least the free chapter.

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Splatterism: The Tragic Recollections of a Minotaur Assailant

A failed suicide attempt unites the last living minotaur, Evander, with the eminent sorcerer and perfidious rake Scammander, who might have lost all of his magical knowledge or might have just stashed it elsewhere to make room for his biggest plot yet.

Bonded by suffering and a special antipathy for humanity, the two set out to do what all villains dream of: destroying the world, one civilization at a time.

Is there anyone who can stop them?








Splatterism: The Disquieting Recollections of a Minotaur Assailant

Meet Scammander and Evander–they’re not trying to save the world, they’re trying to destroy it.

But first, they must find a book.

Books, after all, are some of the most dangerous things around.

Especially if you know the right way to read them.

The only problem is that all the books they need have either been lost over the centuries or reside with Scammander’s old wizarding tutors, former unsavory accomplices to sinister schemes and assassinations, and greedy power-hungry monarchs. And not a single one of them want to see Scamander ever again, unless of course it’s his corpse.