While you are probably already familiar with the popular furniture stores like Ikea, Wayfair, Target, Amazon, and Overstock, there are a number of other stylish stores and major brands that offer an incredible selection of furniture to shop. But the breadth of selection is just where it begins: what these other stores offer is the perfect mix between quality, variety, uniqueness, and trend-setting collaborations with both established and up-and-coming designers. Every visit you are sure to find something that will help you create the perfect space and bolster the aesthetic identity you are hoping to establish. So without further ado, here are the best furniture stores!


Restoration Hardware

Without a doubt the best of the best when it comes to shopping for furniture. Regardless of the theme you are looking to create in your space, Restoration Hardware is going to offer the best version of it. I’d say they are trend setting, except that no one seems to be able to even get into the trends this venerable store is creating. Basically, there is Restoration Hardware, and then there’s everyone else. Shopping at their stores is like walking through an exclusive art gallery and perusing their online experience is equally rich (a champagne or Napa red is the perfect companion). RH has recently been expanding and creating new brands speaking to different décor demographics, so whether you are looking to outfit your ski lodge, beach home, or your primary manse in a sleek, sophisticated, postmodern aesthetic Restoration Hardware should be your primary shopping experience.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the sometimes feral sometimes whimsical psychedelic melon-munching master of the roaring bonfire bohemian party that is furniture shopping. A California bonheur radiates throughout their furniture selection along with a worshipful animalia and hallucinatory desert chic. These leather couches are for desert poets penning rhapsodies while their muses dream on Moroccan oversized cushions. Chairs are velvety and furry and always squishy. Desks are mindful of space and simple. Pallid hues adorn all Urban Outfitters furniture drawn from the pink desert rocks and sun-splashed sand mixed with the bright and infinite blue skies of the West Coast.



Anthropologie went to the bon fire with Urban Outfitters, did all the same drugs, but actually decided to sober up and return from the desert. An excitable life-affirming charm suffuses their furniture inventory. Expect concrete ombre side tables, hanging rattan chairs, ornate wooden beds, and lush green velvet couches.


West Elm

West Elm is bright and fun and everything a modern shopping experience should be. A playful modernity abounds across their furniture offerings which are mostly mid-century modern featuring a lot of darker wholesome woods complimented by fabrics in earthy hues or stout leathers in clean finishes. Cheery gold metals accent chairs and couches alike while desks strike the balance between industrial and brightly chic minimalism.



CB2 is the serious and ultra urbane brand of Crate & Barrell. You will find a clean and masculine take on furniture here: modern leather couches and jaunty rattan chairs alongside tough concrete and serene marble side tables. Trendy indoor plants and even sophisticated scents round out the offering to ensure you come away with a space that emphasizes a minimalistic cleanliness and airy abstract openness.


One King’s Lane

Decadent maximalism. Big, plush sofas fit for diplomats and Earl Grey tea comingle with colorful conversation-provoking patterns and ornate carvings on arms and legs. Chairs with a Napoleonic flair flaunt rich gold floral decorations and imperial and antique brass. While much is tufted not all is buttoned up. Great desks in oak and cherry dining tables ensure you create a dignified space for your fellow elites.


Serena and Lily

If dignified coastal is your vibe you are really going to enjoy Serena and Lily. Fresh whites from found sea-shells abound contrasted with deep ocean navy blues in everything from pillows and blankets to living room chairs and beds. Your sea cottage is about to get an upgrade!


Pottery Barn

A classic that does classic furniture the best. You can find every piece of furniture you need from Pottery Barn including sofas, chairs, desks, beds, and the matching blankets and pillows to accompany each of course. Pottery Barn’s obvious strength is in modern farmhouse style and I think East Coast coastal vibes as well, so if those design aesthetics appeal to you this is going to be your spot.


Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel offers a wide range of furniture essentials including couches, beds, accent chairs, home office desks, and dining tables all in a familiar, modern, and easy to incorporate style.



Rejuvenation is your store if you are enamored of an American mid-century modern vibe full of leather, cherry pie, whole milk, and pride in the lost art of craftmanship. Colonial woods like walnut, maple, and oak are used to create chairs, dining tables, and beds from an era of stability and earnestness that seemed lost—but can be brought back every time you shop this store.