If you have recently emerged from Christopher Paolini’s epic fantasy novel and are looking for more books like Eragon, I’ve used my considerable magical powers to conjure essential reading for you.

I’m going to assume you are probably already familiar with books such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, but you might consider checking out more books like Harry Potter to read next if you loved J. K. Rowling’s novels.



Splatterism: The Disquieting Recollections of a Minotaur Assailant

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Meet Scammander and Evander–they’re not trying to save the world, they’re trying to destroy it.

But first, they must find a book.

Books, after all, are some of the most dangerous things around.

Especially if you know the right way to read them.

The only problem is that all the books they need have either been lost over the centuries or reside with Scammander’s old wizarding tutors, former unsavory accomplices to sinister schemes and assassinations, and greedy power-hungry monarchs. And not a single one of them want to see Scamander ever again, unless of course it’s his corpse.

All told, Splatterism is an ambitious, fun, poetic slasher full of swagger, philosophical puzzles, and clever verbal duels.

Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson


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Fans of Eragon are going to immediately fall in love with essentially everything Brandon Sanderson writes—especially Mistborn and the follow up books in the series, The Well of Ascension, and the Hero of Ages.

Kelsier survived and escaped the darkest and most brutal prison in the realm. And when he nearly snapped he discovered a unique power

Vin is an orphan and a cutpurse who has the same power that Kelsier does.

They unite to create a sinister band of underworld blackguards comprised of sell-swords, backstabbing nobles, and of course thieves in order to usurp an all-powerful evil lord and his corrupt kingdom.

Of all the books like Eragon featured here, you will definitely want to start with this one.


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


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Patrick Rothfuss has revived a long dormant lyricism and returned a golden song to all readers of epic fantasy. This is a series I am particularly fond of, and even penned a panegyric to Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles.

The Name of the Wind is both an enthralling fable and also a fable about stories themselves. It centers around Kvothe, a precocious scion of a travelling theatre troupe whose parents are slaughtered by some very powerful and very, very dark beings.

You might as well read The Wise Man’s Fear which continues Kvothe’s epic rise and fall and whisks him away to such forbidden realms as a faery kingdom and a band of mercenaries.


Belgariad by Dave Eddings

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The Belgariad is one of the most hallowed tomes in the fantasy canon and is one of the books like Eragon that you just have to read.

This is one of the original farm boy sagas who grows to become a powerful mage. Sound familiar?

So if you loved Eragon and the rest of the Inheritance Cycle, you are certainly going to enjoy reading the Belgariad.


Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan


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The Wheel of Time is another book similar to Eragon that fans of Christopher Paolini will relish.

It’s a completed series that spans 14 books that span 800+ pages a piece. We are talking essential epic fantasy here, you don’t have a choice—you must read these books.

Start with the first novel—The Wheel of Time—where you will meet Rand Al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, and Mat Cauthon. All of them are simple farm boys with hidden abilities and huge destinies.


Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson (Malazan Book of the Fallen)

fantasy novel gardens of the moon

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Who would have ever thought that what started as a game of Dungeons and Dragons could become a grand entry in the hallowed halls of epic fantasy books?

Starting with Gardens of the Moon, the Malazan Empire spans 10 humongous tomes. The world building is deep and often mentioned alongside Tolkien’s, and is complemented and at times overshadowed by the Erikson’s prose which sparkles with wit and is overfull of philosophical intrigue.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson


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The first book in the Stormlight Archive series, the Way of Kings weighs in at 1008 pages in paperback. It’s a classic fantasy epic woven with golden threads of intrigue, bloodshed, and wizardry.


The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett


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This may or may not seem like an obvious choice, but if you enjoyed reading Eragon I’m pretty sure you will be down for the humor, irony, and mordant wit on display of every single page of Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic.

The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie

the blade itself has got to be one of the best dark fantasy books ever written

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This is modern epic dark fantasy at its finest.

The Belgariad was one of the sources of inspiration for Abercrombie and the fascinating fashion in which he subverts and turns away from classic epic fantasy will have you racing through the pages all night long.


Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks


Composed while the author was still in law school, this canonical epic fantasy follows  Shea Olmstead as he seeks to find the titular Sword of Shannara.

While the novel itself hems closely to the themes in J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, rather than detract from the story it makes it a familiar and comfortable read for anyone who enjoyed the Inheritance Cycle.


Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt Do’Urden by R. A. Salvatore


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Fans of Eragon will instantly fall in love with Drizzt Do’Urden.

Homeland follows the introspective exiled drow ranger through his solitudinous labors in the Underdark.


The Crystal Shard by R. A. Salvatore

drizzt do urden quotes from the Crystal Shard


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This is essential reading for any fan of epic fantasy. While the Homeland trilogy introduces readers to the legendary dark elf, this book kicks off his exploits with an unlikely band of dwarves, humans, and elves.


A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuinn

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This fantasy novel is a little old school for my personal tastes but nonetheless an acknowledged fantasy classic.

A Wizard of Earthsea introduces us to Sparrowhawk who will eventually become the greatest wizard of all time.

In this marvelous work by Ursula LeGuinn, we witness Sparrowhawk’s desire for power and knowledge which leads him to accomplish such feats as master the words of power and tame an ancient dragon, among other great and terrible things.


Dragons of Autumn Twilight



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This is again essential fantasy reading. You’ve likely heard of this epic fantasy series if you read Eragon, but on the off chance that you have been hesitating from reading it let me give you the one reason why everyone has to experience these books.

Raistlin Majere.


Have You Already Read These Books Similar to Eragon?

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