Slippers don’t have to be boring. In fact all the comfy ones here are both plush enough to keep your feet warm and funny enough to get a few laughs from anyone who sees you wearing them. Best of all, they can easily be worn by men or women regardless of age.

These novelty slippers make exceptional gifts for book lovers since your favorite bibliophile will undoubtedly spend a lot of time reading and relaxing.


Zombie Warm Plush Slippers

Get Your Zombie Slippers


These plushies are perfect for your next Netflix marathon or making the grueling trek from the bed to the coffee pot.


Unicorn Plush Slippers

Get Your Unicorn Slippers


These funny plush slippers are perfect gift for any unicorn lover you know, which is basically everyone.


Hobbit Feet Furry Adventure Slippers

Get Your Hobbit Feet Slippers


Ease into these slippers as you make the arduous journey from your warm, cozy bed to the to the kitchen where your black magic coffee waits!



Freudian Slippers

Get Your Freudian Slippers


A great pun turned into comfy, silly slippers will have your favorite psychoanalyst laughing smugly no matter what they are doing.


Grizzly Bear Paw Plush Slippers

Get Your Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers


These great animal slippers are essential for cozying up by the fire with your favorite book, movie, or newest television addiction.


Donut Plushies

Get Your Donut Plush Slippers


These plush slippers go perfect with an early morning coffee.



Dog Plush Animal Slippers

Get Your Comfy Dog Slippers


For anyone looking for the cute animal slippers, these plushies are going to be doggone perfect.


Black Bear Comfy Plush Slippers

Get Your Black Bear Paw Slippers


Classic animal feet slippers with a Where-The-Wild-Things-Go vibe. Great for kids getting ready to romp through the house or your log cabin all winter long.


Furry Pink Tiger Slippers

Get Your Pink Furry Tiger Slippers


These exotic pink tiger slippers are perfect if your closet is filled with unique clothes and your coffee from distant lands.


Fuzzy Polar Bear Paw Slippers

Get Your Fuzzy Polar Bear Slippers

These insanely popular animal paw slippers will have you looking like either the abominable snow man or a great northern polar bear. Either way, your feet will be warm and cozy.